The facts and fiction about the "Man" who inspired Banjo Paterson to write "The Man From Snowy River"

This book, “Banjo’s Inspiration”, tries to uncover the myths that have developed since the first release of A. B. Patterson’s poem, “The Man from Snowy River” and also gives recognition to the increasing number of contenders and the material provided by previous historians.

It is largely a collection of newspaper articles, historical documents, and photographs dating back to the early 1830s and majority up to 1955, with some as late as the year 2002.

This information or data has been placed on a time line relative to Jack Riley and his sister, and the items are only considered fact if they are from well-established sources or if there are at least two sources that support that fact. This way fiction becomes more obvious and shows how, in many cases, the memories of the story tellers are not as good as they thought they were. It also helps to establish where historians have been led astray by accepting previous documentation they thought to be fact.

Without saying outright that any of the contenders were not part of Banjo’s poem, there may be a lead to who was “Banjo’s Inspiration”

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