About the Author


Richard Hubbard is a retired secondary school teacher who lives in Corryong, Victoria.

He has been involved with the local community through Rotary, the Community Education Committee, the Tourist Association and the local Chamber of Commerce. For over 10 years he ran a small 4WD Tag Along Business.

This is the second book that he has prepared, the first being a booklet “The Real Man from Snowy River” produced for the Man from Snowy River Tourist Association in 2002. The background for this book has taken the best part of thirty years of collecting information, newspaper cuttings and relevant books. However, the real journey started after the 2003 bush fires that stretched from Canberra to almost the Victorian South Coast. During this fire many of the mountain huts were lost, some never to be replaced. As a result of this bush fire the Victorian High Country Huts Association was formed and they divided the high country into twelve areas and each area was to have a Huts Maintenance Officer.

Richard was approached by Noel Gough in 2004, to be responsible for the huts in area 12. Noel had retired from the Snowy Hydro Scheme and was living in Tallangatta; Richard had known him for many years. Noel had become recognised as a historian in many ways and he had several books to his credit. Richard was still teaching and he and Sandra ran a B&B in their spare time. Noel said “I will pay you” and with that he handed Richard an old cardboard box full of manila folders filled with scraps of paper with rough notes on them, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and more. “Here you are, this is your payment. It’s all my research on the Man from Snowy River”, he said. From that point on this book started to come together.