What inspired Banjo Paterson to write The Man from Snowy River

Banjo Paterson may have received inspiration to write 'The Man from Snowy River' from a few encounters - but one in particular was:

Early in 1890, Walter Mitchell of Bringenbrong Station took his friend Banjo Paterson on a ride up through the high country where they visited Jack at Tom Groggin, He guided them to the top of Mount Kosciuszko, then south along the great divide to the South Ram's Head, through to the head of the Cascade country to the Tin Mines and on to the Pilot and back down to Groggin.

Many stories were gleaned from the mountain stockmen by Banjo, including the recapture of the stallion. It was this trip and these tales which gave Banjo the inspiration to write the poem which has become known and loved by so many, The Man from Snowy River. The poem was first published in the Sydney Bulletin in April 1890.